Don’t mess with a girl's best friend! Kendall Jenner reportedly got handsy with a paparazzo in defense of fellow model and friend Gigi Hadid in Paris on Thursday night.

People reports the 20-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star was involved in a “scuffle” outside the nightclub L’Arc after one photographer “got to close” to her and Hadid. Jenner’s bodyguard is said to have intervened by “holding back” the reality star and restraining the unidentified photographer. Photos from the scene show Hadid, 20, pointing at an individual as Jenner’s bodyguard rests his hand on her arm.

According to JustJared, Jenner was defending herself and was allegedly seen “pushing back and throwing punches” when the photographer got too close for comfort.

Jenner’s alleged altercation comes one month after she denounced paparazzi photographers on her subscription website. According to Marie Claire, the reality star slammed paps who break traffic laws and put others' lives at risk for photos. “I’ll definitely tell them off,” she wrote. “I stop, tell them to pull up next to me and I say, ‘You a--holes! Not only are you going to kill yourself, but you’re going to kill innocent people around you.’ I just go off on them.”

She added that living with a swarm of paparazzi constantly following her makes her feel not in control of her life. “The fact that I don’t have a say in it is frustrating. I understand that I’m a public figure, but it becomes very dehumanizing to have zero privacy.”

Kendall has a history of tussling with the paparazzi. Last month, Kendall was filmed by paparazzi telling off a photographer after she was nearly involved in a car wreck in Paris. “You’re not allowed over here!” Kendall can be heard sternly telling the individual after exiting a car that hit a pole.