Is Kendall Jenner too skinny?

Jenner is being criticized for being “too skinny” and the reality starlet really takes the disparagement to heart, she revealed in a Haarper’s Bazaar interview via the U.K.’s Daily Mail. She's the second youngest sister of the Kardashian clan. 

The 17-year-old may have been blessed with the looks and body of a supermodel in the making, but she explained she’s been suffering because of the backlash surrounding her lithe shape.

“I'm constantly criticised for being too skinny," she said.

“I’m trying to gain weight but my body won’t let it happen. What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it's not a nice feeling.”

Jenner showed off her slender physique during a photo shoot for the magazine, wearing designers like Roberto Cavalli.

Statuesque Jenner said there are some positives to being a model. For example, going on photo shoots helped her come out of her shell a little.

“It’s true, I used to be so shy. I used to never talk, just sit back and do my thing,” she said.

“I was never bullied though, and it was never like it was something that needed to be ‘fixed’, like being shy is a bad thing.”

Though shyness is something she still needs to overcome, she said working with her little sister Kylie makes it easier.

“I am still pretty shy but I’ve gotten much better because I’m always on set for photo shoots and I’m always filming with my family.”

She added the two sisters recently launched a new clothing line with California company PacSun.

“My little sister would always be the one to bring me out of my little phase because she was so outgoing and, like, crazy. I wanted to be like her, and looked up to my little sister. She helped me come out more.”