Kendall Jenner is concerned that she does not have enough space in her $1.39 million dollar condo to keep all her designer stuff. The 20-year-old supermodel said that there is hardly any space left in her two bedroom apartment in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles to store her new clothes and accessories. She added that it was so bad that she had to clean it once in every two months and give away lots of her designer clothes to make way for new ones.

“It’s hard at my condo (apartment) because I don’t have enough closet space. I also have a rack — it’s so messy, I hate it,” Kendall said on her subscription website, She added that she was not a hoarder and cleaned her closets once every two months, Daily Mail reported.

The “Keeping UP With The Kardashians” star said that if she had not worn a piece of clothing, it was time for it to go. She said that for a designer wear to be kept in her closet, it had to be “really special.” Kendall said that she did not believe in charity auctions and hence gave her clothes away to Goodwill.

Kendall said that it was a regular process for her to keep the clothes from taking over her place. Her LA condo is 2,000 sq ft, but is still falling short of the model’s designer wardrobe. The luxury condo has a view of the city, a 24-hour valet, a doorman, a concierge, a heated pool, a fitness area and wine storage.

She and her younger sister Kylie both sell their clothes on eBay and give some of the proceeds to The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The sisters launched their own clothing line Kendall + Kylie last year. They have also done capsule collections for PacSun and Topshop.

Kendall and Kylie regularly wear designer clothes. Kendall wears them on and off the catwalk. The 20-year-old has walked the catwalk for labels like Chanel, Balmain and Givenchy and Victoria’s Secret.