She’s one bombshell, that’s for sure.

Kendra McKenzie Gill, the newly crowned Miss Riverton, Utah, was arrested Saturday along with three others for allegedly throwing nine homemade bombs out of a car.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Gill, 18, and three friends – John Reagh, Shanna Smith and Bryce Stone – were hurling the homemade devices at several homes in Riverton in what they told police was a prank.

Unified Fire Authority Capt. Clint Mecham said police were alerted late Friday that a group of people were throwing bombs out of a vehicle at homes in Riverton. "They were throwing them at both property and people," Mecham told KUTV-TV. "This goes well beyond a teenage prank."

Mecham said there were a total of nine bombs but that no one was injured. Authorities said they found four plastic water bottles that had been detonated using aluminum foil and a chemical in a resident's driveway.

According to police, Gill and her friends admitted to buying plastic bottles, aluminum foil and household chemicals and making the bombs themselves. One of those arrested, Bryce Stone, told police the group was “pranking” people with fireworks, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Mecham told KUTV that the devices could have caused serious harm. "They're very caustic, very nasty. So they can cause injury ... just if the chemicals get on somebody, much less the fragmentation of the shrapnel damage that can be caused," Mecham said. "They can very easily cause serious harm or even death."

Gill was arrested on suspicion of detonating an incendiary device on Saturday.

Gill was crowned Miss Riverton, Utah, on June 8, beating eight other contestants and winning a $2,000 scholarship, South Valley Journal reported. Gill was set to compete in the Miss Utah pageant.

Her platform is “Fit to be you,” which strives to raise awareness about healthy body image. “You don’t have to look just a certain way. It’s about being healthy and happy,” Gill said. “Whether it’s Zumba or walking, whatever feels right. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gym to make you feel good and feel good about your body.”

Gill was slated to appear as Miss Riverton at local events and parades as well as work in the community ahead of the Miss Utah pageant next year.