Rapper Kevin McCall got into a brawl in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday night, after serenading a female fan.

McCall, who's one of Chris Brown’s recording artists and was featured on his hit single, “Deuces,” was in Australia for their Supafest urban music festival. At first, the performance was received with enthusiasm.

After the Grammy-nominated rapper sang to the woman, however, the audience began to boo. McCall addressed the situation after hugging the female, saying to the crowd, “I think I hear some booing.”

He then threated fans, saying, “I’m a real East-side n---- so if you booing come up to the stage and I’ll beat your [expletive] right now [sic]” before proceeding to invite those criticizing him to come up and fight him.

He even taunted the audience further by saying he'd have sex with their girlfriends. People in the audience then rushed the stage, and McCall had to be held back by security. His set ended after only 20 minutes, leaving fans upset and disappointed.

Last week, before heading on tour, McCall made headlines after getting a matching love tattoo with girlfriend, Eva Marcille. The “America’s Next Top Model” winner received a heart-shaped lock on her back, while her boyfriend received a matching key in the shape of a music note.

Neither McCall nor Marcille has commented on the incident in Australia.

Watch the brawl below: