Now, that’s a photobomb.

Kevin Spacey surprised unsuspecting tourist Christina Sander when he jumped into her photo as she posed near the George Washington monument in Boston Common. The photo made its way to Reddit and has since gone viral.

“He stopped right next to me, posed and yelled ‘This is a photobomb!’ I know it looks like I’m screaming in the photo, but I actually think I stopped breathing for a few seconds,” Sander told Boston Magazine.

Sander spotted the “House of Cards” actor as he ran up to her, but even after the photo was taken, she didn’t believe it was him.

“It was all so surreal that I had to check the camera several times afterward to make sure,” she said.

Spacey, who has pulled this kind of prank before, arrived in town on Sunday to show his support for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Last week -- we’re in Baltimore about to start the series I’m doing again. I was like, I can’t -- I can’t spend another second watching this and not get on a plane and just come to Boston,” he told Boston's WHDH News 7.

Sander said she's surprised the photo has gone viral, but added that it has special meaning after the wrenching emotion the city's residents and visitors have experienced.

“After all the things that have happened in Boston recently, I’m happy that this photo could create a bit of joy,” she said.