“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Khloé Kardashian denied she edited a picture of her abs Wednesday, but a Photoshop expert  had a different view. The E! reality star definitely altered the picture, celebrity photographer Alan Barry told Radar Online in an exclusive interview Thursday.

Kardashian, 31, loves to post pictures of her “revenge body” on Instagram, but just recently started to show her abs. The only problem is that she used a filter before she shared it with her 43.2 million followers, Barry told Radar Online. She used one called “distortion,” which allows users to warp the photo.

“When used incorrectly, as it was clearly done [in Kardashian’s picture], the result is those vertical lines getting distorted,” Barry said. “If you look at the line under the door hinge you could see the warp on that line.”

More than those warped lines, Barry wasn’t convinced Kardashian’s lower stomach was so flat. “It looks so smooth I just find it really hard to believe that her abdomen is that flat,” he said, adding, “It also makes me think that the lower part of her abdomen was Photoshopped as well.”

Kardashian, who took down the original post after she was accused of Photoshopping it, reposted the image with a snarky caption: "If only hatin’ burned calories how dope y’all would be. Too bad it doesn't. Here's the OG shot. The petty movement ain't cute. Oh and I almost forgot.... Namaste."

It’s not the only sass the blunt star dished this week. On Tuesday, she said she ended her relationship with Houston Rockets guard James Harden because he cheated on her. “Found out he wasn’t [committed] and I got the receipts to prove it,” she said. “So Koko had to let him go, go.”

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