Khloe Kardashian made a big impression in the second season premiere of her E! spin-off series Khloe and Lamar...but probably not the one she'd hoped for.

When her brother Rob moves out of the house, Khloe Kardashian decides to create a sexual chamber of love in his old room to celebrate some new alone time wiht her NBA star husband.

I don't see why there has to be an ending to the honeymoon phase, so I'm always trying to keep [our relationship] spicy and new, she tells the Khloe and Lamar cameraman.

Famous last words. Khloe and assistant Malika also decide to install a sex swing in the couple's bedrooms, having no use for handymen or, apparently, instruction manuals.

After spending a lot of time giggling together over the contraption, the sex swing is finally installed, and Khloe and Lamar viewers almost get more than they bargained for out of the couple's sexcapades.

Just when the footage veers toward NSFW, however, the situation quickly turns to comedic gold as the swing comes crashing down, sending the couple bouncing onto their bed.

I guess I didn't install it right, Khloe Kardashian laughs.

But her second try at seduction is also unsuccessful. She buys another sex swing, as well as candles, duct tape and masks. When it comes time to play, however, husband Lamar doesn't seem interested.

I was just thinking that I love this s--t, but I'm a little beat, he tells her. Daddy-O is tired. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't sit well with Khloe.

I'm embarrassed because I went through all of this, but he turned me down, she says. My feelings are a little hurt. I feel rejected.

Lamar, however, is quick to reassure his wife (and viewers) that the rebuff isn't personal.

With Khloe, it goes beyond lovemaking, he tells the camera, before going to comfort his spouse of two years.

[Our relationship is about] being friends, having compatibility and being there for each other, he tells her.

Lamar and I have a passion for one another that doesn't necessarily have to be sexual, Khloe adds. What we have is pure, and it's always going to be there.

Below, watch Khloe install (and wreck) her sex swing on E1 spin-off Khloe and Lamar.