A U.S. radio station personality has reportedly offered $250,000 to Kim Kardashian's younger sister Khole to take a DNA test and prove she is the daughter of late Robert Kardashian.

Khole has been accused by her stepmother that she did not share the same biological father as her sisters, but radio show host Gregg 'Opie' Hughes wants to solve the mystery surrounding Khole and her father.

Robert did question the fact that Khole was his. Any normal man would if they knew their wife had cheated on him, Robert's widow, Ellen Kardashian, told Star. He never would have considered a DNA test. He loved her very much.

According to Reality TV Magazine, Khole has been called out by her former stepmothers as not being Robert's daughter.

And even mom Kris Jenner is adding fuel to fire by talking about her affair she had while she was still married to Robert.

However, both Khloe and mom Jenner have denied the rumors on Twitter.

Gregg Opie Hughes, who co-hosts The Opie & Anthony Show, made the DNA test offer to Khole Tuesday morning. If she accepts the offer, the money will be donated to a charity. However, Khole has not responded to Hughes' offer till now.