After Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney paid a visit to Kid Rock's home, the singer decided to endorse him for president.

After landing in Michigan, Romney hopped into a car with two aides and drove to Kid Rock's house in Clarkston. The two native sons of Michigan had plenty to discuss.

Romney reportedly spoke with the musician for over an hour, trying to court his endorsement. Kid Rock reportedly grilled the presidential hopeful on a wide variety of issues, questioning him on how he would help Michigan and the struggling city of Detroit and how he would support members of the military. Romney wanted him to appear at a rally, but left without an answer, reported Billboard. The next day, Romney's team received an e-mail from Kid Rock saying he would support him.

On Monday night, Romney was excited to introduce Kid Rock to his supporters.

I'm happy to introduce a son of Detroit, he said to his audience, according to Billboard. A friend, a guy who makes great music, who introduces me by DVD everywhere I go: Kid Rock!

He appeared on stage performing his song Born Free. Romney's family values message would seem a poor fit with several of Kid Rock's songs, which focus on drug use, alcohol and sex. However, Romney said that the man's music does not fully represent who he is.

I think that he makes some pretty good music and I like listening to his music, Romney told Detroit radio station WXYT, reported Billboard.

And when I listen to the people who provide music I don't actually try to assess their personal family values, he said. I listen to their music.

The race between Romney and Republican rival Rick Santorum is very close in Michigan. Romney is hoping to get an extra push in the polls with the backing from Kid Rock, a lifelong Michigander. The primary in Michigan will be held on Tuesday, with polls closing at 8 p.m.