The realization that you've lost your cell phone usually equates to a heart stopping moment riddled with swears, endless attempts to locate the misplaced device and maybe even a few tears. 

But one lucky guy avoided all that drama when his missing phone landed in the hands of a few quick thinking kids. 

Designer Kimchi Ho and her friend were out biking a few weeks ago when her friend lost his phone during their outing. When the pair returned home for the day, Ho's sister commented on a "prank" she believed they had pulled during their time out.  

According to a post on Ho's blog, they were greeted by a pretty adorable surprise when her sister showed them a video posted to the friend's Instagram feed. 

In the video, a group of skaters informed the phone's owner that "we found your phone."

Ho says they immediately called the kids -- who she described as both "brilliant" and "pure awesome" -- and biked back to the skate park to retrieve the phone. 

No harm was done to the device. And other than a few "goofy" photos the kids snapped, the upstanding skater boys made sure the phone was returned just as they found it. 

Helmets off to those skateboard-wielding good samaritans!