Sunday's season five premiere of Mad Men saw very little of the always stylish Sally Draper, played by 12-year-old Kiernan Shipka.

After an awkward run-in with Don (while Megan slept in the nude) and a sweet (but short) conversation at the breakfast bar, Sally and her little brothers are whisked back to their mother's house. And that's all the TV time Shipka had on Sunday.

Off set, Shipka, a native of Chicago, has been deemed by many as an up-and-coming fashionista, who knows her Miu Miu from her Chanel, her Oscar de la Renta from her Ralph Lauren.

From movie premieres to recent press junkets for the new season of Mad Men, Shipka has become the little darling of red carpets. A recent New York Times profile sheds some light on the young actress' stylish outfits, down to her schoolwork clothes.

For a recent sit down with her books, Shipka wore a T-shirt, light pink Ugg moccasins and my gray Free City sweatpants, not the most flattering pant, but the most comfortable, she told the NY Times.

Over four seasons of Mad Men, Sally Draper has blossomed into quite the fashion icon, with some looks far more stylish than Betty Francis (formerly Draper), played by January Jones. Who could forget Sally's floral dress when she pays an unexpected visit to Don at work?

Let's hope season five produces more screen time for little Sally, and the stylish clothes she wears.

Click through for photos of Kiernan Shipka in her Sally Draper best, on and off the show. The next episode of Mad Men, directed by Jon Hamm, airs Sunday on AMC.