As the calls for George Zimmerman's arrest for killing Trayvon Martin becomes more vocal, some individuals have expressed their opinion through Twitter. A Twitter profile, @KillZimmerman, has been created that calls for his death in the middle of the street.

@KillZimmeramn was created on March 24th, 2012. The profile has been using the hashtag Kill Zimmerman since it was created and has been re-tweeting others calling for Zimmerman's death.

The account image pictures George Zimmerman with cross-hairs superimposed over his face, solidifying the message of violence.

They act like they wanna charge me but I'm not the one who shot an unarmed kid #zimmerman is so judge him, wrote the Twitter account on March 29.

However, it appears not everyone is in full support of the Twitter and are possibly calling for its deletion.

All these racist motherf---ers tryin to get me deleted like I did something wrong. Bitch zimmerman killed #TRAYVON he the one wrong, wrote the account in a Tweet.

As of 4:30 the Twitter profile has 263 followers and the number appears to be climbing.

This Page Is 4 Da Ppl Who Believe Zimmerman Should Be Shot Dead In The Street The Same Way TRAYVON Was. No Justice No Peace, said the Twitter's profile information.

Facebook groups and fan pages of also been created including Kill Zimmerman and My crib wondering whos going to kill george zimmerman.. RIP TRAYVON

Social media is not the only place individuals have called for violence against George Zimmerman. As previously reported, the New Black Panther Party had issued a bounty of $10,000 against Zimmerman, dead or alive, while circulating posters with Zimmerman's face on it.

I'm here today to appeal to the country, particularly President Obama, to do the right thing while you have the power, Minister Mikhail Muhammad said, a member of the New Black Panthers. Trayvon Martin symbolizes my son.

Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin has not advocated for any attacks on Zimmerman and has condemned the possibility of violence.

We're not promoting violence with violence. We're very appreciative of everybody that's in support of us. And most certainly, we can't control anyone else's actions, said Martin, according to NPR. But we're just looking for justice, in the right way. Our son died the wrong way. So, we're not looking for an eye for an eye. We're just looking for justice to be served.