Two police officers in Killeen, Texas, were struck by gunfire from a suspect’s AK-47 assault rifle, wounding one and killing the other, officials said Sunday.

The deadly police shooting occurred on Saturday night at a Killeen apartment complex, the Associated Press reports. Killeen police officers responded to a call stating that an unknown suspect was threatening people with a gun by the complex’s pool.

According to a police statement, Killeen police found the man hiding in an apartment and attempted to talk him into surrendering, AP reports. Instead, the unnamed suspect fired a single shot. Police have identified the suspect's weapon as an AK-47 assault rifle, the Waco Tribune reports.

Next, the suspect came to the apartment’s front door with his hands raised, but refused to exit the building, according to the police statement. He reportedly retreated back into the apartment building, picked up an AK-47 assault rifle, and began shooting at Killeen police officers.

Two of the officers were struck by the suspect’s gunfire, with one of the officers suffering fatal wounds, AP reports. The AK-47-wielding suspect was also slain in the shooting. Police have yet to reveal the names of either the two Killeen police officers or the suspect.

In the aftermath of the incident, Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith addressed the day’s violence. "In 1917 ... that's the last time an officer was killed here," Smith said in a statement. "We're having to take this one step at a time; we're all grieving. The family's grieving. We've got a great officer that's going to be deeply, deeply missed."

After the shooting, both wounded Killeen officers were rushed to a local hospital in critical condition, AP reports. One officer’s condition has since stabilized. Funeral arrangements are being made for the officer slain in the Killeen police shooting.