At least four people were reported dead as violent storms, accompanying possible tornados, hit the south coast of the continent on Wednesday. More than a dozen were said to be injured.

According to the York County sheriff's office, South Carolina, three people were killed and five injured, as the storm struck a rural community in the state. The fire department in Georgia reported a death when a tree fell on a car. Authorities at the York County coroner's office say that they are not sure if the numbers are going to rise.

These regions reported extensive power outages, as trees crashed into power lines. Georgia Power said that over 4000 of their customers are without power. Many homes and buildings have also been damaged by the severe weather.

In Alabama, a mobile home park was badly damaged near the Auburn University campus. However, it was not immediately known if anyone was injured.  Public information officer, Rita Smith of Lee County Emergency Management said, We've got reports of damage at an apartment complex, structures at a lake, mobile homes and trees down.

Damage was also reported in Demopolis and the capital, Montgomery. The downtown areas witnessed fallen trees and roofs. In the west-central part of the state, a woman was rushed to the hospital as a tree crashed into her house, injuring her.

It was just seven months ago in April that the state had experienced these killer storms that swept across the western parts. About 250 people had died.     

In Mississippi, Jones County emergency director, Don McKinnon said that 15 people were injured as trees crashed into their houses, and mobile homes were upturned.

Possible tornados swept a parish in Louisiana and areas close to Kentwood. The National Weather Service reported that no one was hurt. The windows of a middle school were shattered as the storm kept up its onslaught. However, no injuries were reported as the school session hadn't begun, according to the school principal, Sharon Henry.

Similar damage was reported at a neighborhood in Houma, Louisiana. An assessment of the aftermath will be done on Wednesday.