All six episodes of "The Killing" Season 4 premiered on Netflix on Aug. 1. The season is the final one for the crime drama, which debuted on AMC in 2011 and moved to Netflix for its last episodes. Netflix has released the synopses for all six episodes so fans can see what's in store for the end of the series.

Season 3 of "The Killing" ended with Linden (Mirielle Enos) shooting her ex-partner, James Skinner, after discovering he was responsible for a string of murdered runaway teens. All six episodes of Season 4 are available on Netflix streaming for computer, mobile or tablet. The synopses are available below:

Episode 4.1 - "Blood in the Water"

Linden and Holder must deal with aftermath of covering up the Skinner shooting. Then, they are assigned to a new case involving the gruesome murder of a family tied to an all-boys military school.

Episode 4.2 - "Unravelling"

Linden and Holder have a breakthrough in the case while speaking with the murdered family's neighbors. Meanwhile, Holder's ex-partner, Reddick, begins to investigate Skinner's mysterious disappearance.

Episode 4.3 - "The Good Soldier"

Linden and Holder hit a wall in the case while Reddick closes in on the truth about Skinner.

Episode 4.4 - "Dream Baby Dream"

Linden and Holder have a lead in the case, focusing their attention on a troubled student in the military school. Reddick makes a shocking discovery in his investigation of Skinner’s disappearance.

Episode 4.5 - "Truth Asunder"

Linden and Holder find new information about the slain family as Kyle’s memory starts to return. Holder is confronted with Reddick’s theory about Skinner, trying his loyalty to Linden.

Episode 4.6 – "Eden"

Linden and Holder discover the shocking truth behind the Stansbury murders as their partnership becomes volatile.

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