Not everyone gets the chance to be a dictator in real life. Thankfully, game developers were born for the sole purpose of creating a virtual reality where average folk can have the chance to make all their dictatorial dreams come true.

Enter "Glorious Leader!" Moneyhorse Games , a U.S.-based development company, is currently making an app that lets you take on the persona of none other than Kim Jong-Un. They describe it as “an epic tale about the triumph of Kim Jong Un over the entire American army.”

The seven-level game follows a mini-Un through the streets of Pyongyang as he defeats U.S. military personal and, in a show-stopping performance, sets fire to an American flag. There are also moments when he rides a dolphin and then a unicorn.

Jeff Miller, CEO of Moneyhorse Games, told The Guardian the game is meant to offer society a different way to talk about the secretive nation.   

The game is being developed for PC and “something called a mobile device,” the website claims, adding that “Finally, you will know why North Korea truly is the best Korea.”

Yes, finally.