The Kardashians will be infiltrating TV screens for at least another three seasons. Yesterday E! announced that the whole family will be returning, with the seventh season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians taking off May 20.

According to TMZ, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris and Bruce Jenner have signed a contract to get equal pay. Kendall, Kylie and Rob will be paid equally on a lower share, while Scott Disick, Mason, and Lamar have their own separate deal.

So how much will reality TV's favorite family be receiving? Over $40 million for three more seasons, reports TMZ.

Since the Kardashians are only breaking into season seven, there is still a lot of damage to be done in seasons eight and nine. Viewers are pretty much guaranteed to be able to witness Kourtney popping out baby number two, but what other drama can we expect?

E! teases that viewers will get to see Kourtney's  baby, Mason turning into even more of a little man, Kendall graduating from high school, celebrity guests, maybe a new romance...

We came up with our own list of some trouble the Kardashians could be getting into in the next couple seasons.

Khloe & Lamar & Surrogate

Thanks to the tabloids (as well as their show), the whole world is aware that Khloe and Lamar are having trouble getting pregnant. Since the couple is already so open about their relationship, it wouldn't be surprising if the next season of their reality series is called Khloe & Lamar & Surrogate.

Kris Does A Bikini Shoot

Kris Jenner is a hoot. Girlfriend tries to weasel her way into photos of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney as the fourth sister. Since the famed momma is already dying to take some of the spotlight, we can only hope she turns to drastic measures like a bikini photo shoot. She is already hawking arousal oil, so this shouldn't be too far off.

Kendall & Kylie Go To College

We still have a couple years for this, but if the two youngest Kardashians decide to go to college I'm sure the cameras will follow. The only thing that would make their televised college antics better would be if a separate camera captured Bruce's reactions.

Bruce Has A Mid-Life Crisis

Bruce's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when he gets his ear pierced and hair cut is pure entertainment. Poppa Jenner keeps viewers laughing as it is beyond obvious that he is the only sane one left in the house. While we don't want Bruce to have an actual mid-life crisis, it would be very amusing to see him racing around town on a motorcycle, fighting paparazzi (or Kanye), becoming a dadager to Kendall and Kylie, or even breaking out the old Olympics gear and showing the world he still has it.

Kim and Kanye

How does this relationship even work? Two of the most media hungry people dating is TV gold. If season seven doesn't air the impending drama, I'm sure season eight or nine will feature the fall out.

Kourtney & Scott Move Out On Their Own

Kourtney and Scott don't ever seem to be living alone. We've seen their dramatic fights as well as their loving and comical relationship in front of the Kardashian klan, so what happens when you get the Disick family alone and away from the Kardashians? It would be very interesting to find out.