There has been endless speculation as to what reality star Kim Kardashian and her rapper boyfriend Kanye West named their baby girl after she was born on Saturday. With no true hints as to what the couple christened baby Kimye, stepbrother Brody Jenner told Ryan Seacrest on his morning show that he doesn’t want to know what the child is being called.

Kardashian has set a new record for herself, not posting a tweet to her Twitter account since her baby was born, which means fans are practically salivating as they wait to find out what the Hollywood couple has named their child -- but not Jenner. It’s not because he doesn’t care, he just doesn’t want to have to worry about accidentally leaking the news to the press, which is too bad for everyone else who is dying to know.

Celebrities are known for choosing quirky names their bundles-of-joy, and there’s no telling what name baby Kimye will use when she’s old enough to introduce herself. But Seacrest tried to squeeze some clues out of Jenner when he was on his show Thursday. Jenner replied, "You know, I don't. I don't want to know! There's too much responsibility -- don't tell me!"

"It's so new, so I'm going to give her some time and then as soon as she's ready, I'll come see her," the 29-year-old “Hills” star said on KIIS-FM about giving the new family some space.

It’s a Kardashian tradition to give the girls K names, but auntie Kourtney broke that rule with daughter Penelope. Is the 32-year-old going to pick a rogue name too? That’s what a source recently told Us Weekly. "They're not quite ready to announce the name yet," the insider told the celebrity magazine. "But the name definitely does not start with a K, despite all the rumors that have been out."