Half the rumors claim Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s second child and the other half claim she is getting ready to file divorce papers, but both apparently are untrue. The allegations have reportedly infuriated the rapper, who is allegedly upset their daughter North -- or Nori, as she is nicknamed -- might see the stories one day. 

“He just lost his temper because Nori was on his mind,” a source told Hollywood Life Friday. “North’s going to be able to read one day and he doesn’t want his daughter reading and hearing this s---.”

After Thanksgiving, it was reported Kardashian, 34, wanted to split from her husband of barely a year after he did not show up for Thanksgiving. “Kim was furious he dumped her and North for the holiday and mortified that she had to show up at Khloe’s [house] alone,” a source said, according to Radar Online. “It was the last straw for her. She’s getting ready to file divorce papers.”

But Hollywood Life said that wasn’t the case. "He can’t spend as much time as he wants with his family because of work. He hates hearing it, talking about it and even seeing it in print because s--- ain’t true. It makes him angry to see that s--- people [are] writing about him,” an insider told the news site. Kanye isn’t going anywhere. He’s a family man and the chatter about he and Kim having problems in nonsense.”

Still, Radar Online reported the couple looked unhappy when they were in New York Saturday.

Kardashian tried to “break the Internet” recently when she posed nude for Paper magazine. The queen of reality television didn’t hold back as she bared all for the photo-shoot. Kardashian recently traveled to Australia to promote Fleur Fatal, her new rose-scented fragrance.

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