Kim Kardashian's wedding, like her famous sex tape, might have got her a million dollars. But the holy matrimony does not seem to be surviving even for two months.

There are rumors of the couple's breakup, just days after E! aired the official wedding video of the couple. The Oct. 24 issue of Life and Style magazine has reports claiming that the couple is already headed for divorce. The magazine claims that it has  confirmation of the report from both parties' family and friends.

Even before this, there were reports of the couple breaking up, in spite of the fact that they still appear together in Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Last week, Life and Style claimed that they had an exclusive interview with Kim Kardashian wherein she had confessed that she realized her marriage was a mistake and that she wanted to separate from her husband.

This issue claimed that Kim found Kris with a blonde at 5 a.m., that Kim's wedding ring was off and that there had been screaming fights between the couple.

The couple was recently on a six-day trip to Dubai.

Apparently, Kim, 30, met a famous divorce lawyer in New York and decided to end her marriage with husband Kris, 26, MJB star reported. The report says that the couple currently is staying separate and all the Kardashian family members are supporting the separation.

Kim has successfully minted money out of all her affairs so far, be it the sex tape, the wedding, or the Dubai trip.

So what's next? A series on how she copes with divorce? (Of course, after the legal separation.)