Reality star Kim Kardashian West hired a nutritionist to help keep herself healthy during her second pregnancy. After dealing with weight issues and various health problems during her first pregnancy, Kim isn’t leaving anything to chance this time around.

Kim publicly announced that she is pregnant with her second child with rapper Kanye West in last week’s midseason finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” In the sneak preview for the second half of season 10, Kim is shown telling her sister Khloe the good news.

Now that she’s pregnant again, Kim is concerned about the baby’s health. According to TMZ, she has hired a nutritionist who is devising a meal plan that will lessen her chances of developing preeclampsia. She suffered from the condition while she was pregnant with daughter North.

Her first child is now almost 2 years old. While Kim was pregnant with North, she had elevated blood pressure caused by preeclampsia combined with several other complications that left her in constant pain. She delivered North via emergency cesarean section when doctors determined that the condition was starting to become too dangerous for both of them.

Reports stated that Kim is likely to be affected by the condition again, so the reality star is taking all the necessary precautions. She is going on a low sodium and high water diet. Instead of sweets, she is opting for protein shakes in the morning. She previously declared that she is quitting her daily donut, a habit that she had during her first pregnancy.

Apart from the more serious health risks, Kim was also criticised for her weight gain when she was pregnant with North. She says that this time around, she will try to stay in shape.

Kim’s sister Khloe is also going on a high-liquid diet. Khloe has been very open about her fitness journey in the past two years. Last week, she posted a photo showing bottles of infused water. She explains that this helps her benefit from the nutritious properties of fruit without adding calories.