Hopefully Kim Kardashian has some generous and rich friends and family. The reality star registered for $172,000 in gifts for her upcoming wedding to basketball star Kris Humphries.

Kim registered at the luxury boutique Geary's for all the practical items she'd need for her new love nest. The list includes a large Baccarat crystal vase ($7,850) and an antique ebony tray ($1,595). The couple has also asked for 24 Heres plates which cost $305 each. For those of you playing the home game that's $7,320 in plates. Kim also has her eye on $38,400 worth of Torchon dinnerwear by Buccelati. Hoe many plates does Kim need? Clearly more than 24.

The date on the registry says the wedding is Oct. 31, but there have been reports that it's only a decoy date until Kim feels like releasing the real one.

Kim has also said that the couple will sign a prenuptial agreement because it's the 'smart' thing to do and it's what they 'mutually agreed upon.'

(We) are really open, we're really honest, you know my father made me sign contracts for literally everything, to like get a car, not grow up too fast, like everything I had to sign a contract. I think that (signing a pre-nuptial agreement is) a smart thing to do for me and for him...I don't think that it takes away from any kind of love or anything...It's just a smart thing that him and I both mutually agreed upon, Kim told Jay Leno.

Kim is worth an estimated $35 million so a pre-nup makes sense.