Reality television star Kim Kardashian is very upset over the rumors about her pregnancy.

OK! Magazine, ran a cover story on Kim Kardashian in its June, 2011 issue, with the title I'm Having a Baby!

On the cover, it read: An overjoyed Kim says, 'I can't stop crying.'

The cover made readers think that Kim wanted to get married to Kris Humphries because she was already pregnant.

However the story inside said something else: it said that Kim and Kris love having babies and are excited about starting a family. In other words, Kim isn't pregnant. She wants to have babies in the future.

The misleading title on the cover of OK! Magazine gave rise to rumors that Kim was pregnant.

To dismiss the rumors and confusion, Kim has confirmed in her blog site ( that she isn't pregnant.

This is crazy.I am NOT pregnant! Magazines can be so tricky with their wording! The inside states that one day I want a baby! But I'm not pregnant! Kim said in her blog.

I can foresee lots of crazy, made up stories coming out in the near future and I certainly don't have time to shut down every rumor. But believe that if you hear it from me, it will be true. Otherwise, don't always believe what you read, dolls, Kim advises her fans.