Kim Kardashian's wedding special began Sunday, Oct. 9 with Part One of  Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event airing on E! with all the family drama leading up to the wedding. Part Two, featuring the actual nuptials, will premiere Monday at 8pm ET.

Below, our top five favorite moments from the drama-filled episode. No, the Vera Wang dress wasn't one of them.

5. Kris vs. Khloe, Part One

Kris Humphrey has had enough of Khloe insinuating (and outright saying) that he's not good enough for her sister. He even suggests that her husband, basketball star Lamar Odom, shouldn't come to the wedding.

When Khloe continues to talk over him, Kris snaps. Zip it! he yells. This ain't about you!

Later on, he shows the first sign of wear and tear. I can't take Khloe anymore, he says before quoting the esteemable Kanye West: I eat pieces of s***t like you for breakfast.

4. True Love.

I bet you didn't know I wore a retainer. Thanks, Kim. That fairytale kiss is definitely going to be special.

3. Registering Several Complaints

While registering for kitchenware at Gearys, Kim takes a moment to reflect on her upcoming bliss. It's really becoming real, she tells us. Like, we're making our home together.

A few moments later, however, and Kris is officially late. Cue phone call.

Where the f*** are you? If you're told to be somewhere at a certain time, what makes you think you can be alte? You're pissing a lot of people off.

Kris finally arrives, trying to smooth over the situation with sweet nothings. I love that your favorite thing is Hermes [products] and your last name is gonna start with H.

Not for long, says mom Kris Jenner, who hopes Kim will keep her name. Zing!

Later, in a voice-over, Jenner really lets her feelings out. Kris [Humphries] is late, and then he has the nerve to criticize my taste and Kim's taste? she fumes. I could use a drink right now.

2. Most Awkward Toast in the History of Now

Khloe hosts Kim's engagement party at her house. Mom is still off recovering from plastic surgery, and Khloe decides to get everyone's attention by noting that fact: The witch is dead!

Khloe then decides to give Kris Humphries yet another piece of her mind. We wish you the best, til death do you part, she says. Then she turns to the groom. Death, 26-year-old! Death!

Cut to Kris Humphries, ashen and alone.

later on, Khloe continues to do her sisterly duty. Kim's nickname isn't Elizabeth Taylor just for the diamonds, she tells a friend. just as her future brother-in-law walks in.

Is Khloe ashamed? Please. I'm hoping, she tells him, that your intentions are pure.

1. The Showdown

Kris Humphries tells Kim about Khloe's comments. Whyis she wishing evil upon us? ask Kim, going Biblical. She is definitely not one to talk. I'm gonna say something to her.

Kris proves that he might actually be the nice one here. Look, he tells his lady, there's always gonna be haters out there.

But you don't want haters in the family, Kim retorts, and off she goes.

When Kim confronts Khloe, her sister takes the time-honored path of passive aggression. All I'm doing, she tells her, is telling you what's being said behind your back. Kim doesn't take it that way. She un-invites her sister to the wedding, and storms out.