Once upon a time, Kim Kardashian West was just like other young adults putting their best foot forward on MySpace. Now, her 2006 profile from the social media site has resurfaced. The pink-themed template reveals a lot about the entertainment powerhouse before she shot to fame when her family’s reality TV show debuted in 2007.

Calling herself “Princess Kimberly,” Kardashian West used pimp-my-profile.com to get a very pink template for her MySpace account. Us Weekly shared screenshots and some details from the reality star’s obsolete profile.

Now one of the most high-profile celebrities in the world, Kardashian West has more than 30 million followers on microblogging site Twitter. Her Instagram account also has an impressive following that reaches more than 30 million. However, in 2006 she had only 856 contacts on her MySpace profile.

Each of her selfies now command hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. But back in the day, her wall managed to gather only 73 comments. Kardashian West was only 25 when the MySpace account was created and she was only just thinking about the possibility of having kids. She now has 2-year-old daughter North and is pregnant with her second child.

One interesting detail from the profile is the presence of rapper Ray J in Kardashian West’s top friends list. In 2006, the two were in a relationship and this was around the time when they made their now infamous sex tape.

Since her days as a “princess” on MySpace, Kardashian West has now elevated herself into being the “queen of selfies.” She and her family members have also formed a multimedia empire that draws in millions each year. The Kardashian brand has now expanded from their TV show to appearances, fashion lines and many other business ventures.