2011 is a big year for stars. Ever since Britain's Prince William got married to Kate Middleton in a fairy-tale wedding style April 29, the love bug has bitten others and on the 20th of this month, Kris Humphries, the 26-year-old professional basketball player, will marry his love Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding is expected to be a grand one and may remind people of the other groom of the century, Prince William. In fact, as another fairy-tale wedding approaches, their fans can't help notice the similarities between the NBA star and the Duke of Cambridge.

Kris Humphries will be the next Prince William? Start the slideshow to find out.

Education: Both handsome young guys chose the universities close to their homes. Williams chose Scotland's St. Andrews University while Kris attended the university of Minnesota.

Hobby: Kris used to be a good swimmer before 12 and was the top 10 in six competitive swimming trials, second only to a young Michael Phelps in the remaining events. On the other hand, Williams, when he was a student, enjoyed swimming, cross-country running and basketball. The prince also has mastered French and some Spanish.

How to Propose: With Princess Diana’s 18-carat sapphire-and-diamond ring, Prince William popped the question to Kate, who is the Princess now. Kris, on the other hand, surprised Kim with a 20.5 carat rock which is repotedly worth $2 million.

Wedding: All the royal family members attended William's wedding and Kate Middleton became the princess amid the cheers of people from different classes. As for Kris and Kim's wedding, we need to wait and watch.