Kim Kardashian West is topping Apple’s download charts with her new Kimoji App. However, Apple has debunked claims that overwhelming downloads of the $1.99 app has broken the App Store. Following Kim’s public apology on Monday, it turns out that her app did not really cause the online store to malfunction.

On Tuesday, a day after the popular app was released, Apple addressed the issue and issued a statement to Tech Insider. Apple said that “there were absolutely no issues with the App Store yesterday." The company also denies claims made by numerous media outlets and by Kardashian herself, that Apple’s tech team had to “swoop in” to rectify the alleged crash.

The difficulty in locating the Kimoji App, was reportedly not caused by a system crash. Instead, the problem was caused by a delay in the App Store’s indexing process, which resulted in users not being able to find the Kimoji App through a standard search. However, this does not mean that the App Store was broken or has crashed.

Despite not actually breaking the App Store, there is no denying the fact that Kardashian’s Kimoji App is wildly popular. It immediately soared to the top of the paid download charts just hours after it was officially launched Monday.

Kimoji features hundreds of animated icons which are designed in the likeness of the popular reality star and various other items that can be associated to her. Some icons feature her famous body parts, as well as her favorite food and accessories. The Kimojis can then be pasted into text and chat messages just like regular emojis.