Kimberly Riggs, a mother of two in Batavia, Ohio, died after her 15-year-old daughter accidentally struck her twice with a car.

"We just miss her. I don't know how we can go on without her," said Riggs' mother, Phyllis Daly.The 40-year-old mother let her daughter practice driving in the parking lot of their church, Newport Church of God, after a service this week.

The Huffington Post reported the girl stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal, which led to her hitting her mother with an open door and knocking her down. The inexperienced driver then drove through a fence and into the backyard of a nearby house.

Janet Holbrook's home was hit by the teenage driver. "That's when I heard the noise, seen her coming, I thought, 'Oh my God she's going to come through the yard, fast!'" Holbrook told WKRC-TV, a CBS affiliate in Cincinnati.

Riggs' daughter then did a 180-degree turn and struck her mother again, this time fatally pinning Riggs against a fence. 

"She couldn't speak, but she could just barely breathe by holding her sternum," said Church of God Pastor Rusty Woolum told Fox19, a Fox affiliate in Cincinnati. "We were trying to keep her calm, telling her that help was on the way -- that we were there with her."

Riggs was taken to one hospital, while her daughter was taken to another hospital for minor facial injuries. The mother was later pronounced dead. She leaves behind two daughters and a grandson.

"She loved her church. She loved the people. And she liked the family value in what comes with belonging to a church," Woolum said.

Now, the family must struggle to deal with the cost of Riggs' funeral.

"I need help because I can't afford it by myself and my family," Daly told Fox19. It's just hard."