width=400width=400width=400width=400width=400Kinan is the Mayan word for the healing energy of the sun. Similar to the Asian concept of Chi, Kinan is also used to refer to an individual's energy. The mission is to help you transform and unlock your inner energy and spirit.

Each building, spa treatment room and waterfall has been aligned to the stars to ensure positive energy flow so the body, mind and spirit are in harmony.

The treatment rooms point directly east to west representing the balance of the day and night. The massage beds are placed so guests' heads are at the west looking towards the east - representing new beginnings; and the relaxation room is pointing north - representing earth and grounding.

Many of the treatments offered at Kinan are based on ancient Mayan healing. Some of the services will not be found any where else in this world.

Enter, explore and experience the Mayan Spa sanctuary on the glorious Riviera Maya.