Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. is a leading China-based software and solutions developer focused on wirelessly enabling businesses and government agencies to more efficiently manage their operations.

The company recently developed an upgraded 3G Mobile-Video Server and said it plans on launching the product next month to answer a growing market demand for portable video servers.

The Mobile-Video Servers rely on a more advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, and allows for a fully digital audio/video data transmission, a multi-media application, and a 24/7 remote monitor function through the network. Additionally, the second generation servers are smaller and thinner, and offer better battery life and bigger capacity than first-generation models.

Peng Zhang, CEO of Kingtone, highlighted the applications of the upgraded Mobile-Video Server, and said its flexibility reflects the company’s strong research and development efforts.

“We are very proud of this innovative mobile video server, which is more user-friendly and can be widely used by the police, emergency response crews and news agencies, our existing customer groups. This is a testament to the strength of our research & development capabilities and it will allow us to move into new customer groups who require a better centralized control with a wider scope of operations,” Zhang stated in the press release. “Investment in research remains a priority in order to develop innovative technology that satisfies our customers’ needs for efficiency and effectiveness and improve the versatility of our product lines.”

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