width=166It's official. Kirstie Alley now has her own weight loss program called Organic Liaison. Two years ago she was sent packing from Jenny Craig - possibly for not sticking with the program.

She promised she would come back with her own program, and here it is.

From what I can gather the program includes:

online weight loss tools customized to fit YOUR needs. Whether it's planning meals, counting calories, discovering new recipes, locating places to shop for organic groceries or interacting with the Organic Liaison community through blogging and Kirstie Alley's Phitter

Phitter is a micro-blogging community built on top of the Twitter toolset.


The range of supplements

Dig deeper though, and she is selling a series of supplements (all USDA organic approved). The main product is Rescue me which replenishes your body with high-quality organic ingredients, including nutrients, natural herbs, fiber and antioxidants... One month's supply sells for $62.50. Membership to the program is $10 per month (+ 10 startup fee) - you also need to by the Startup Kit of supplements ($139).

If you can handle it, here is her own video intro to the program. Alley is also doing a reality TV series shortly on A&E - Kirsty Alley's Big Life.

So here's to entrepreneurship, and the gravy train called celebrity yo-yo dieting.