Luxury Watches & Jewelry: Kobe Bryant and Nubeo

International are teaming up to bring the Black Mambo wristwatch to the

marketplace. Nubeo International, a prominent Switzerland-based

watchmaker, is introducing the watch as the most complex watchcase ever

built. It is the most expensive high-tech sports watch. Reports vary on

the MSRP of the Black Mambo; the approximate price range is low

$20,000s up to the Ultimate versions at $285,000.

The self-winding watch with 131 components has a diameter of 48

millimeters and a black-matte finish. It is water resistant up to 100

meters. The watch's inventive material mix of ceramic, titanium is

further strengthened by diamond-like carbon treatments throughout. The

Ultimate versions of the Black Mambo feature black sapphires on the

bezel or the flange of the upscale sports watch.

The Black Mambo, which is Bryant's popular nickname and alter ego, will

be introduced at the 2009 Baselworld. The conference is an annual watch

and jewelry show held in Basel, Switzerland, in April.

The luxurious Black Mambo high-tech sports watch will be available in Europe this summer and in the U.S. by fall.