A new “Attack on Titan” game is coming to the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, courtesy of “Dynasty Warriors” publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force. The game is based on the popular anime and will feature characters from the show taking on the vicious Titans. So far no gameplay has been shown, though a teaser trailer for the game was released, which can be seen below.

With Omega Force developing the game, some fans speculate that it will play a lot like “Dynasty Warriors,” with the player controlling one character against a thousand enemies in a battlefield. According to Kotaku, however, the game may actually play like a reverse “Dynasty Warriors,” with the player being part of the thousand soldiers taking on one giant Titan.

The concept of the gameplay seems faithful to the show and manga, as each episode would focus on multiple soldiers taking down a Titan. The really intense episodes would have soldiers taking on multiple Titans, usually with plenty of casualties on the side of the military.

Eren Yaeger, the show’s lead protagonist, is the only confirmed character in the game so far from the teaser trailer, though obvious candidates like Mikasa, Armin and Levi may join the game as well. Considering how many characters have already died in the show and the manga, it will be interesting to see who makes the cut in the game.

It should be noted that in the series, Eren could transform into a Titan himself, as his father performed experiments on him prior to the Titan attack. He did this to reclaim the land of the people from the Titans, and it seemed to work by the end of the first season. It will be interesting to see if those factors will be part of the gameplay.

The game’s story hasn’t been revealed yet, so it’s unclear if the “Attack on Titan” game will be an adaptation of the first season of the series or a completely new story that may or may not affect the continuity of the plot. Whatever the case, fans will be able to find out for themselves when the “Attack on Titan” video game hits PlayStation platforms sometime in 2016 for both North America and Europe, according to Gematsu.

Attack on Titan (Working Title) - Teaser Trailer (Credit: YouTube/SCRAWLfx)