An article on the song Why This Kolaveri Di, from the soundtrack of the Tamil film 3, has featured in the current edition of Time magazine.

I'm not sure about this fact but someone I know told me that this is 20 years after it featured a story on Roja, said Anirudh Ravichander, the music director of the film, when told of the article.

According to the article, while the song's lyrics are practically gibberish, the country can't seem to stop listening to it. The catchy tune has generated nearly 19 million views on YouTube, to date.

The song's success has lifted the spirits of the entire production team of the film. Dhanush, the lead actor, tweeted: To all my north Indian Kolaveri fans, thanks for receiving a Tamil song with a warm heart and making it a global song. God bless.

Incidentally, the origin of the word kolaveri has generated interesting debates. According to several conversations on the Internet, the word has been generally translated as murderous rage.

Meanwhile, the song has just won the YouTube Gold Award, which is presented to videos that have gone viral.

It is true. The record label has received official intimation. I don't know if they will have a function to present the award but yes, Kolaveri has been chosen for the award, confirmed Anirudh.