A week after social media users expressed fury over the Susan B. Komen Foundation's move to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, the breast cancer advocacy group bowed down to public pressure and reversed their decision Friday.

Instead of anger, Twitter, Facebook and other Internet outlets were flooded with relief.

Komen didn't realize its moral & fiduciary responsibility to its community of donors. That community took charge. #socials--tstorm, tweeted social media editor Jeff Jarvis, shortly after writing Komen wears the white ribbon of surrender.

The sudden reversal comes after a week of protest by politicians and social media users infuriated by Komen's decision to end funding to the health services organization. Although Komen denied it was politically-based, lawmakers, citizens and Planned Parenthood chastised the group for being pressured by anti-abortion advocates.

Friday was not the first time a major institution backed away from a decision due to outcry in the Internet. Click through the slideshow above to see other times the Internet prevailed in just the past 6 months.

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