A senior executive at Invisible Children -- creators of the viral Kony 2012 activism campaign -- recorded a video in which he jokes, while appearing to be drunk, about stealing most of a $1 million award, some of which was intended for earthquake aid to Haiti.

Jedidiah Jenkins is shown in the video, obtained by TMZ, speaking directly into the camera while periodically chugging a clear liquid from a 1.75-liter bottle of Smirnoff vodka. In the video, he jokingly proclaimed, with slurred speech that may or may not have been affected, that he intended to keep $900,000 of the prize money.

I don't know if you heard this or not, but we won a million dollars so, it's pretty rad, Jenkins says, in between swigs from the bottle of vodka with laughter being heard in the background.

A hundred thousand for Haiti and 900,000 extra for me, he continues.

A source within Inside Children claimed the video was purely intended as a private joke and that the bottle was filled with water and not vodka, TMZ reported.

Invisible Children received the $1 million award from the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition held a week after the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, TMZ reported. The organization pledged to put $100,000 of the award toward relief efforts in Haiti, though it is not clear how the remaining $900,000 was spent.

The organization is become better known for creating the viral Kony 2012 Web campaign which aims to build grassroots support for foreign intervention in Uganda to capture guerrilla leader Joseph Kony, accused of being responsible for mass rape, murder, mutilation and kidnapping carried out by his Lord's Resistance Army, allegedly sustained by forcibly conscripting young boys as child soldiers.

Get on the bandwagon, Jenkins says toward the end of the clip. Africa is gonna come up in the world, you guys, don't ever forget it.width=0