Kore Nutrition Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary – ALL IN – develops, produces and sells non-alcoholic beverages. The company produces premium energy drinks as well as an enhanced purified water product under the brand name, ALL IN Energy.

ALL IN Energy’s energy drink is a premium sugar-free product with no carbohydrates and less than 10 calories per can. ALL IN Energy uses herbs, vitamins and amino acids to provide a balanced and sustained sharpening of focus and pure energy. It comes in three flavors – citrus, grape and acai berry.

In a step to making ALL IN a global brand, Kore Nutrition and ALL IN announced today the appointment of veteran beverage executive, David Powley, as president and CEO of ALL IN. His career consists of more than 25 years of senior executive level experience in the beverage industry.

Mr. Powley’s track record in the beverage industry includes a four-year term as western vice-president of San Pellegrino SpA where his job was to establish the brand’s presence in North America and the Pacific Rim. Over those four years, San Pellegrino captured a 72% market share in on-premise bottled water sales in the US, with sales growing to over $36 million annually.

Prior to his time at San Pellegrino, Mr. Powley served as executive vice-president of Shasco Inc. – the largest subsidiary of National Beverage Corporation. During his tenure, Shasco achieved over $100 million in annual sales.

Most recently, during his time as executive vice-president of Nirvana Spring Water Company, Mr. Powley secured several private label bottling contracts. One contract even involved North America’s largest private label supplier. He successfully guided Nirvana Spring from a near collapse in 2002 to earning $19 million in annual revenue by the end of 2005.

He has also consulted for the Japanese beverage giant, Sapporo Breweries. Mr. Powley helped Sapporo in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of their first non-alcoholic beverage, Apani Sport Water, which quickly rose to be the best selling sport beverage in the Japanese market.

For additional information, please visit the company’s website at www.allinenergy.com.