Scott Disick is blaming Kendall Jenner for Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber’s rumored relationship, Hollywood Life reported Thursday. Bieber reportedly began dating Kourtney, who is 15 years older than the Canadian singer, because he thinks older women are “dominant.”

“Scott has been telling people that it was Kendall’s idea to set Justin up with Kourtney and that she had been keeping it a secret from him,” a source told Hollywood Life. However, the insider added that Kendall was hurt over Scott’s accusation. “Kendall has been nothing but supportive of Scott since he and Kourtney split, so when she heard that he was dissing her behind her back she felt totally betrayed,” the source said.

Another insider said that Kendall thought Kourtney’s relationship with Justin to be “weird.”  “It’s just creepy. First off, Justin is Kendall‘s good friend. He used to date her best friend Hailey [Baldwin]. Plus, he’s just too young for Kourtney.”

A source reportedly said Tuesday that Kourtney was dating Justin only to annoy her former partner Scott, with whom she has three children.

Kourtney was recently spotted on a dinner date with rapper P. Diddy’s 24-year-old son Quincy amid dating rumors with Justin. The two were pictured together Wednesday night at Il Pastaio Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. Following their dinner, Kourtney and Quincy drove off to an unknown place.