KPN, a telecommunications and ICT provider based in the Netherlands has announced a formal partnership with India's Tech Mahindra, a global systems integrator that specialises in business change management and IT outsourcing.

The partnership was formed to effectively overhaul the IT operational processes of KPN and improve its efficiency through the development and implementation of over 150 business software applications. These apps will be installed throughout KPN's NetCo segment IT systems. This initial step in the partnership has been underwritten with a 5-year contract which should see the ICT firm experience a significant boost in efficiency while making savings on operational costs.

KPN chief strategy, innovation and technology officer Erik Hoving said: "In addition to the technological leadership and innovation that Tech Mahindra has in the Telecom industry, we see natural synergies between our two organizations which we believe are critical to build a lasting partnership."

Over the course of the 5-year collaboration process, KPN anticipates that it will make a saving of over 200 million euros as its IT systems and operational processes are made much more efficient.

After this first phase is complete, KPN and Tech Mahindra's leading executives fully expect to continue the partnerships into future collaborative projects on an even greater scale. The two tech providers hope to combine the strongest elements of their respective portfolios and make joint offerings to other companies for similar efficiency improvements in IT systems and operational processes.

Managing director of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani outlined their view on the benefits of formally partnering with the Dutch telecoms company: "KPN is a leading player in The Netherlands and is in the midst of its accelerated investment strategy which gives Tech Mahindra significant opportunities to use its transformation solutions. Furthermore, we envisage a mutually beneficial partnership that aligns well with ours and KPN's growth objectives over a longer term period."

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