Emerging biotech company, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. was founded by the inventor of the company’s technology, current chief executive officer, Kim Thompson. The company is a fully reporting organization and trades on the over-the-counter market under the stock symbol KBLB. As of last report, there are about 501 million common shares outstanding, with approximately 64% held by the chief executive officer.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories’ CEO serves as the overall coordinator for the company relative to business operations and ongoing research and development. Several prominent genetic scientists have significantly developed the companies’ technologies. Additionally, the laboratory staffs of these professors are also making significant contributions to the company’s efforts.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. has a developed intellectual portfolio relating to the harvesting of silk from genetically modified silkworms. The company brings together preeminent researchers in a collaborative effort to produce commercially significant quantities of spider silk, one of the world’s strongest and most resilient fibers.

In order to achieve this goal, the company has aligned itself with teams from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Wyoming, two leading research universities. The project includes Dr. Malcolm Fraser of Notre Dame, a noted genetic scientist and a member of the first team of researchers to develop a transgenic silkworm, and Dr. Randy Lewis of the University of Wyoming, one of the world’s foremost authorities on spider silk. The University of Wyoming, which holds significant intellectual property rights relating to the genetic sequencing of spiders, is a meaningful equity investor in the company.

Efforts to produce the desired proteins in a transgenic silkworm have significantly accelerated over the past several months, possibly leading to a breakthrough in the laboratory by the end of this year. The perfected technology required for the project is expected to arrive a year following the breakthrough.

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