Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. is a biotech company working to develop and commercialize high performance polymers. The company intends to break into the $92 billion market for high performance fibers by using spider silk genes.

The company intends to insert these genes into silkworms to make them produce fibers with the characteristics of spider silk, which is one of the strongest natural fibers known. In an effort to reach these goals, Kraig Biocraft has licensed the spider gene sequences patented by the University of Wyoming and the genetic developed technology by the University of Notre Dame.

Several weeks ago, Kraig Biocraft announced that during the months of May, June and July the scientific team succeeded in its previously announced attempt to ramp up the number of genetic insertions performed. The team’s initial goal was to double the number of DNA construct insertions performed in May. In May itself, the rate of DNA construct insertions were twice the number of insertions that had been performed to date.

The genetic constructs are DNA packets that act as a blueprint for the creations of new polymers and proteins based on spider silk. Every targeted DNA construct insertion has the potential to create a new fiber with commercial applications. Kraig Biocraft was very pleased to report that the actual number of insertions performed greatly exceeded the company’s target and that the increase in insertions was sustained through the months of June and July as well.

Kraig Biocraft CEO Kim K. Thompson commented on the success of the company’s scientific team, which is led by Dr. Malcolm J. Fraser. He said, “Dr. Fraser’s team has performed tens of thousands of DNA construct insertions. This increase in laboratory productivity greatly exceeded management’s expectations for the period. This dramatic increase in productivity is an indication of the dedication and enthusiasm of the scientists.”

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