Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. is an emerging biotech company with a strong intellectual property portfolio relating to the genetic modification of silkworms to produce spider silk. The company believes that spider silk is a “super fiber” that will have numerous commercial and consumer applications. With spider silk as a base, the company hopes to tap into the $92 billion market for high performance and technical fibers.

Kraig Biocraft announced several months ago that genetic engineer Dr. Bong-Hee Sohn joined the research and development team to develop new high performance polymers using spider silk gene sequences. Dr. Sohn is another major addition to the research team at the company.

Dr. Sohn received her PhD from Kyung-Hee University in South Korea. Her extensive research background includes work in research labs in Japan and South Korea. One of her areas of specialty in genetic engineering is the development of novel methods for transgenic silkworm production.

Kraig Biocraft’s CEO Kim Thompson said that “Dr. Sohn has already made a significant impact on the pace and direction of our development program. This is a very exciting time for the company and for the research laboratory.”

Ms. Thompson went on “The University of Notre Dame hired Dr. Sohn to work on specific applications of genetic engineering in silkworms for polymer development and protein expression platform technologies, which are the company’s major area of focus. The company is now fully on target for significantly accelerating the pace of its R & D.”

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