As a result of yesterday’s announcement, which heralded a recent milestone achievement of Kraig Labs scientists, several promotional firms have initiated coverage of the company. In addition, a rising buzz in online investment communities’ message boards and chatrooms has been observed.

Kraig’s lab specialists have successfully accomplished a previously unheard-of number of genetic insertions using newly designed DNA “packets”. In a single week, they successfully transferred five thousand packets containing the genetic code for silk found in spiders to silkworm recipients. This increased productivity essentially means that the odds of Kraig Labs successfully developing a commercially feasible spider silk polymer have been greatly increased.

Following the release of the good news yesterday, respected firms like swiftly took the opportunity to lend support. This, along with continual coverage by QualityStocks, helped propel Kraig Labs to its second highest daily trading volume of the new year.

It would arguably be unwise to allow Kraig Biocraft Laboratories to slip from one’s radar, especially during this exciting time of advancement in the company’s efforts to solve one of nature’s many riddles on a genetic level. Attacking the long-standing obstacles of spider silk production on a grand scale has the research team at Kraig Labs knocking on the door of a significant scientific breakthrough.

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