Today, Kraig Biocraft announced that Dr. Fraser's research team has successfully made 5,000 genetic transfers in a single week using the newly designed DNA insertion packets. The Company anticipates having preliminary test results back on these five thousand genetic insertions within the next 45 days.

“Every DNA packet insertion has the potential to create a new recombinant fiber with commercial applications. The achievement of 5,000 such insertions in a single week is something that the Company would not have dreamed of in 2008,” CEO Kim K. Thompson enthusiastically stated. “At the same time, Dr. Fraser is reporting a large increase in the team’s observation of the occurrence of transient expression shortly after the gene transfers are preformed.” The research team believes this is a strong indication of the viability of the genetic transfers.

“More importantly,” added Mr. Thompson, “the research team is now performing these gene transfers in large numbers on a regular basis. That means that there will be a nearly continuous group of gene transfers benign tested. Every single gene insertion has the potential to create a new commercially viable spider silk polymer. With this number of gene insertions the odds of our developing a viable polymer are increasing exponentially.”

According to the press release, Kraig Biocraft believes these dramatic increases in productivity are the direct result of Mr. Thompson’s successful efforts to reorganize the research team in 2008.

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