When some people measure the value of a company, the primary aspect they concern themselves with, is dollars and cents – i.e. the bottom line. This method of evaluation would be fine if life was strictly a numbers-game, but it is not. This narrow view eludes the true spirit of industry, which is the betterment of all mankind.

Few companies can claim to have changed the world through innovation, but if Kraig Labs continues its current rate of progression, it is a claim that will not be unfounded for them. Scientists have tried for decades to exploit the unequaled uniqueness of spider silk, but to no avail. Only Kraig Labs has utilized DNA transfers to effect the production of spider silk by silkworms through a sort of ‘genetic surrogacy’, which allows the circumvention of the fact that spiders cannot be raised in colonies due to a natural tendency toward cannibalism. This innovative approach has likely put this company closer to commercial production of the substance than anyone ever before.

When it comes to high-potential, ground-floor opportunities, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories is unsurpassed by the majority. They are teetering on the brink of a breakthrough that will forever alter the landscape in the field of engineering.

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