Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. announced that Dr. Malcolm Fraser, Dr. Wang, Dr. Sohn and other members of the scientific team are preparing for the genetic insertion of recently created DNA constructs. The genetic constructs are customized packets of DNA that provide genetic instructions for the creation of new polymers and spider silk-based proteins. These unique genetic insertion packets include several that are specifically designed for the production of new fusion silk proteins.

CEO Kim K. Thompson stated, “These constructs include a number of new DNA combinations that are truly exciting. The increases in laboratory productivity over the last eight months are now enabling us to do more and to do it faster. This number of unique genetic constructs is a new breakthrough for the Company. Each of these constructs has the potential to result in the development of a new polymer or high performance fiber.”

Over the past year, the University of Notre Dame added Dr. Wang, Dr. Sohn and other scientists to the research team. Since that time, Kraig Biocraft has seen a dramatic increase in both the quality and quantity of the work performed. According to Dr. Fraser, the team is ready to ramp up their effort to insert as many constructs as possible.

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