Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. announced this morning that the scientific team is preparing to significantly increase the number of genetic insertions performed in the month of May. The team believes that the rate of DNA construct insertions in May will be twice the number that has been performed to date. Every targeted insertion has the potential to create a new recombinant fiber with commercial applications.

“We are now entering the next phase in which the team is reallocating recourses to genetic insertion,” stated CEO Kim Thompson. “This is directly related to our recent development of new DNA constructs that are specifically targeted for the production of new fusion silk proteins. We intend to dramatically ramp up the number of insertions performed in order to gain the maximum benefit from the new insertion packets.”

Kraig Biocraft is committed to developing and commercializing high performance polymers using spider silk gene sequences. The company aims to tap into the $92 billion market for high performance and technical fibers. Since Kraig Biocraft Laboratories signed an intellectual property and collaborative research agreement with the University of Notre Dame in 2007, the company has been a proud sponsor of scientific research and development within the university.

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