Kraig Biocraft Laboratories’ prospects to develop a “super fiber” that can be sold into the technical textiles industry are exciting. The company’s research and development efforts are based on solid science that has been developed by some of the world’s leading genetic researchers. Kraig Biocraft is moving ever closer to the successful production of transgenic species to produce commercial quantities of spider silk.

The physical properties of spider silk are quite remarkable and commercial production of these fibers will be viewed as a major breakthrough by the scientific community. Such a development would likely yield significant coverage in the general business and popular press sectors, offering Kraig Biocraft Laboratories significant public relations exposure, which could push the price of its shares to much higher levels.

One of the major hurdles that most biotechnology companies must overcome is the FDA approval process. Fortunately for Kraig Biocraft, their technology doesn’t have to be approved by the FDA, which makes it much easier for investors to monetize their investment since the costs are significantly reduced and the time to market is much shorter. The potential for success is also much greater as only 5 out of 5,000 compounds discovered in the pre-clinical stage ever make it through the entire FDA approval process.

Should Kraig Biocraft achieve its goal of creating transgenic silkworms capable of expressing significant amounts of spider silk proteins, the technology is estimated to be immediately worth at least several hundred million dollars. Further refinement of the technology and initial acceptance by the technical textiles market could potentially yield an overall value for this technology in excess of $1 billion. With so much incredible potential, there’s no reason the company shouldn’t be on your radar.

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