We have been covering Kraig Biocraft Laboratories since December of last year. Those who have read our articles understand why we are excited about this company’s prospects to develop a “super fiber” that can be sold into the technical textiles industry. This super fiber, spider silk, has truly remarkable properties and may have numerous commercial and consumer applications.

Currently Kraig Biocraft is in the research and development stage, but has been making excellent progress in the labs and is now capable of accomplishing five thousand genetic transfers in a single week using its newly designed DNA insertion packets. Additional lab personnel and a change in techniques has significantly boosted productivity and the company’s odds of success.

Artificial or transgenic production of spider silk will surely be viewed by the scientific community as a major breakthrough. Such a development would also likely yield significant coverage in the general business and popular press sectors, perhaps offering Kraig Biocraft Laboratories significant public relations exposure, which could easily drive its market value to much higher levels.

Once achieving a major breakthrough in the laboratory, it could take Kraig Biocraft awhile to completely refine the process. It is anticipated that the company’s management team would actively pursue licensing agreements or the outright sale of the company during this time. Should the company make a breakthrough, we believe it would be unlikely that the company would actually produce the fibers on its own as this would require very specialized management skills and extensive amounts of fresh capital. An acquisition would be much more likely.

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